Academic and Professional Communication for New Researchers

What you’ll learn

This module on academic and professional communication includes five units that reflect scenarios you will frequently encounter as a graduate student and, later, as a professor.

The topics covered include:

  • Tips for networking at academic conferences,
  • Techniques for mastering the academic introduction and introducing your research to scholars,
  • Strategies for establishing appropriate online boundaries with students in the age of social media,
  • Examples of successful research poster designs, and
  • Approaches for successfully communicating your research to a non-specialist academic audience.

Completion of this module will give you increased confidence in your interpersonal and public speaking skills.

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  • Maryam


    Thanks for the very nice resource for students.

    I cannot run the lectures. I wonder weather that is my computer or not.


    • Allison Sekuler

      Hi Maryam – are you still having troubles getting on? If you’re using the university email address, should work. If you’re still having trouble, send a note to

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