Converting a CV to a Resume

What you’ll learn

This online module will help you to create a résumé — a very important tool for the non-academic job search. After first reviewing the differences between an academic CV and a résumé for the non-academic job market, the module units will equip you to conquer the challenges of the conversion process with confidence.

Recent graduates will share their experiences and provide an inside scoop on how to get comfortable with new ways of showcasing your strengths and interests. You will review different résumé formats and samples, learn helpful writing tips, and think through challenging editing questions as you consider what to keep or delete from your CV.

Worksheets and reflection exercises will help you to generate lots of material for your own résumé draft and a convenient checklist will make sure your résumé meets an employer’s expectations.

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  • Chris Neale

    Seems like a lost opportunity to restrict this to Ontario grad students. I am now a postdoc in the US and considered sending this link to some graduate student colleagues here. Is there any reason that you would make such interesting content and then restrict the viewing audience?

    • Allison Sekuler

      Hi Chris, thanks for your comment.

      We couldn’t agree more! Our current limitation is in terms of having the right support in place to add more people.

      We’re currently working out a plan for membership and partnership agreements, though, so hopefully we can open it up to folks across Canada and around the world. Let your head of postdocs know about the site, and to get in touch re: how to get access for everyone at your institution. Detail on what he/she should do to get on our list is here:

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