Let’s Keep the Momentum Going!

Since we launched MyGradSkills.ca just a few days ago, we’ve already had over 4,400 people visit the site, with more than 26,000 page views. Speakers of at least 14 different languages have visited the site from more than 65 countries on every continent in the world (except Antarctica – if anyone has friends there, please send them the link!) .

We’ve had more than 750 people set up their accounts, and we’ve even had some keeners complete multiple modules!

Clearly, MyGradSkills.ca is filling a critical need, and we couldn’t be happier about that. But we want to do even more!

Right now, modules are open only to current graduate students and postdocs in Ontario, but already we’ve had numerous queries about whether and when the modules will be available for others. Rest assured, we are working on that: Once we’re sure the system is stable with our ~60,000 initial guinea pigs participants, we’ll be working to get additional membership and partnership agreements in place.

If you’re a graduate student or postdoc outside Ontario, spend some time checking out the free material on our site to see if the modules are something you’d like to have at your institution. Each module has a short, introductory video, and some modules also provide sample material, so you can get a good feel for what you’d learn from each. If you think you or others would benefit from the modules, and you don’t already have access, contact your Graduate Dean, or equivalent, and have him or her drop us a line at gpsontario@gmail.com to find out how to become a member.

We’ve already heard from a number of institutions across Canada and around the world, so make sure your University is on the list of future members!

Meanwhile, for folks at institutions that don’t have access to the modules, we’ll be adding in more free resources for everyone – including a clearinghouse of links to other free resources (so that’s like free resources squared!). Keep an eye out as well for our virtual career panels, additional blogs, new modules, and much more. Let us know what you’d like to see offered on MyGradSkills.ca via our suggestion box, or tag us into a tweet @GPSkills.

Let’s keep the momentum going, and do everything we can to help all graduate students and postdoctoral fellows find their futures!

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